3ds Max is a very powerful tool that can help you model, texture, rig, animate, and render your creations. This course, Introduction to 3ds Max, provides a high-level overview of the entire 3D pipeline and gives you the fundamental knowledge you need to start using 3ds Max for your own projects. First, you'll be getting familiar with some of the vocabulary and foundational skills that you'll need in order to begin moving around and working in 3ds Max. From there, you'll move into exploring some of the modeling features found in 3ds Max, and begin building the spaceship that will be your central project for the remainder of this course. Finally, you'll go through the entire process of adding textures and materials to the ship, adding animated movement, animation controls, dynamics, and finally we'll learn how to add lights, shadows, and output our final animated sequence. By the end of this course, you'll be at a point where you feel very comfortable working with 3ds Max. Software required.

This course we will learn everything important to know about 3Ds max to be able to work with this software and control it . we will learn about most of the useful tools which you need to learn before you can start working on a project like creating a model , improvement and so on . we will work on understanding the basic principles of 3Ds max like how to create something , how to edit it or how to move it , how to control our view ports and lots of other stuff .

You also should keep this in mind that this is the first course of a series . The second course of these series is about 3d modeling with 3Ds max which by the end of that course you will become a professional in creating 3d models , any 3d model . and the 3rd course of the series is 3D rendering with key shot which it is super powerful software for 3D rendering also very quick and realistic renders .


Introducing 3Ds Max , Importance of 3Ds Max for Civil/Architecture Students, Creating all type of Standard, Extended, Primitive objects , Creating Doors, Windows and Stairs according to parameters, Creating all types of shapes like Circle, Line and Ellipse etc. , Convert all solid objects into Editable mesh, Convert all shapes in Editable Spline , Creating Compound Objects , Creating Doors, Windows frame, Pannel, Glasses using Boolean , Creating Doors, Windows frame, Glasses using Editor Spline, Importing AutoCAD 3D Building Model File in 3Ds Max.

Applying Camera, Lights and Materials in 3D Model view, Rendering Model View using Default Scan line Renderer, Rendering Building View using Mental Ray Renderer.

Different types of Lens and Effects in Lights , Creating Road Night views using Spot light and Lens effects, With path and without path Animation of an object in Particular frames , Road Animation creating with Dummy and Camera , Creating a big Fountain of Circular shape by Particle System and Space Warp , Creating Bounce Effect of Water , Creating Smoke Effect in Pooja Room by Particle system and Space Warp , Creating a Farm House with Water Animation, Rotation of Fan Wheel.

Creating a scene with Fire Effects , Creating Inner wall, Inner door with Frames in AutoCAD to Exterior Building Model , Importing Exterior and Interior building model in 3Ds Max , Setting the furniture in rooms according to its requirement.

Walk Through of Building in Exterior and Interior , Creating AVI Movie ,Creating Blanket with Bed and Table Cloth Using some special modifiers , Creating Curtains using special modifiers.